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This is not an official foundation account but belongs to @tekraze and is used for posting unofficial dev updates for alternate frontends like, and updates

Yesterday, live was deployed with all the latest changes from the official and as well some dependencies.

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We are testing crypto ads on our blog. What does this mean?

The ads are just an iframe and will show a banner/image/link to affiliate sites or services. Users are free to click on the ads to support us, or they can ignore them as well.
But there is no tracking like Google Ads, so users do not need to worry.

We will test the ads for at least a month to see if we generate enough revenue. As this will help cover up the server costs for now (at least). And if it covers for development time as well, this will be good.

We simply ask you to use to support us.

There is no 5% beneficiary for comments, but only for posts, so feel free to use it just for browsing.


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