Win 1000 Blurt by answering questions about Blurt !

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So, me and @ultravioletmag are going to create a great conference for all blurt members.

@ultravioletmag already announced that she will give away 500 blurt for the winner this week, and @imransoudagar will send another 500 blurt. So, all you have to do is to answer some questions about what's going on in blurt this week !

Of course the show will be done on @greenhouseradio, here is the link to join : Grow Blurt Radio

At the same time :

We have @blurtcast where the rewards will be distributed between all the participants of the conference. And you can join our telegram group there :

I will also distribute DCC tokens for the participants in both conferences !

Also, I would like to try to connect the conference in discord with the conference in telegram here : DCC community. That's not related to quiz, but it could be related to it as well.

Because we kind of heat up the audience in telegram, or DCC, to be ready to participate in the quiz. So, we can just talk about blurt news, so we will be ready to answer the questions. Especially if someone is not that active in blurt, it will be hard to answer the questions, but by preparing it will be easier.

The quiz will be in Sunday at 5 pm UTC.

But the preparation conference will be today at 6 pm UTC. I'll try to make it possible in discord and telegram at the same time.

Let's have some fun while earning money.

Don't miss our conferences ! ☻

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This is an excellent innovation and a great way to promoting Blurtblog. Keep up with the great work guys.

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Thanks a lot. I'm glad you like it.

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You're welcome. Thanks for bringing so much value to the community !

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