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Hello Everyone, trust you all had a great weekend. We are about to kick off for this week's "Rare Creativity" Contest. Please read this post carefully so that you won't miss any of the rules of the contest. The contest begins immediately this post drops. Good luck everyone, let the best writer win.


The "Rare Creativity Contest" was a tricky one to come up with. Considering the fact that EPISTEM has 8 core niches which are Education, Psychology, Ingenuity (art and poetry), Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; we needed to come up with a contest template that allows every author (regardless of which of the EPISTEM niche he/she writes on) to participate in it.

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After much consideration with the team, we decided that it's best to create a contest that involves giving a word or subject to the contest participants, and allowing them to publish a work on that subject in any of the niches of interest to the EPISTEM project.

Take for instance the word "Aeroplane". An author whose choice of niche is "education" can create an educative piece about the Aeroplane. An artist can create an art about aeroplane. A poet can also write on this subject. Under psychology, an author can write about some people's phobia for flying e.t.c. In like manner, authors in the STEM niche can create something out of this same subject.

Now, this may sound like a stretch but this why the Contest is titled the "Rare Creativity Contest", and any person who participates in this contest is definitely a genius, as it takes an ingenious level of creativity to develop a work out of any subject that is thrown at you.


  1. Publish a post based on the "contest word or subject" announced for the week on any of the EPISTEM niche of your choice. To be fair authors are allowed to make only one entry per week.

  2. Include the #epistem and #epistemrare in your posting tags, as well as the epistem niche your work can be classified.

  3. Let your post heading be in this format:
    Epistem Rare Creativity Contest / Week (Number of the contest week)/ Niche - Contest Word for the Week.
    For instance, let's say the word contest for the week is "Aeroplane" and you choose the poetry niche in the Week 1 of the contest; then your heading should be:
    Epistem Rare Creativity Contest / Week 1 / Poetry - Aeroplane.

  4. Tweet your post. The format for the tweet should be:
    "Topic of your publication"
    #blurt #epistemrare @Epistem_
    "Link of the publication".

We added this guideline as it will help us to publicize and attract more persons to the Blurt platform and the contest. Apart from the above reason, tweeting your post will help us discover your entry more quickly, as sometimes some publications do fail to show up when searched under a given tag.

**Don't forget the _ after the @Epistem_ **

Additional Guidelines

To avoid the issue of spamming and plagiarism, we included these guidelines as well.

  1. All entries apart from works under the Poetry and Art niche should contain atleast 300 words.

  2. Poetry works should be up to 60 words and should be of good quality.

  3. Considering how the contest is structured, photography won't be considered under arts. Also artists are required to write atleast 60 words describing the art they have presented.


Now, it's important you read this part carefully.

There winners of the weekly contest will be chosen based on their adherence to the following:

  1. The winners must fulfill all the guidelines listed above.

  2. The quality of the content produced will be quantified based on how detailed, creative and informative it is.

  3. How the author arranges his/her work, grammar and the use of the markdown HTML codes will also increase his/her chances of winning the contest

How to use the Markdown Syntax to arrange your work

1. To justify your work, Place this code on the beginning of your text (not picture code).

At the end of the work, add this code.

2. To center a text type this two codes before and after the text you wish to center.

3. To bolden a text use this syntax.

4. To quote a text, use this

5. To center your image and source, use this code.

Replace the URLs with your pictures URL.


Liquid blurts will be awarded to the winners of the weekly contest in these amounts.

First Position: 30 BLURTS

Second Position: 20 BLURTS

Third Position: 10 BLURTS.

Their works will be reblurted by the @epistem account.

In addition to this, the winners of the competition will get a 100% upvote from the @epistem account on the comment they will make on the Contest Winner Announcement Post for the week. Remember, every niche has an equal opportunity to win this contest.

Note:- Every entry into the contest will receive at least a 40% (or more) upvote from the @epistem account for participating in the contest.

Duration of the Contest

The Contest Starts today, and consequently on every Sunday evening when the Weekly Contest Word is announced, till Saturday by 12PM UTC (in the afternoon!). This is to help us collect the data and properly choose the winners for the week. The contest has been designed to be a weekly contest that will run perpetually.


This contest doesn't in any way stop us from curating other works in the epistem niche, so you are free to participate on the epistem Rare Creativity Contest while still publishing your daily epistem post.

The author with the highest number of post submission using the #epistem tag will recieve a 5 BLURT reward at the end of the week. The weekly result will be counted along with the duration of the Epistem Rare Creativity Contest.


The contest word for the week is STARS

Contest Word: STARS


The vision for the EPISTEM Project is a dynamic one; it grows consistently as the day goes by. I believe that the project will keep growing at a steady pace, just as it has started.

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If you believe in the project, and that it will help promote and grow the blurt community, you can send in your delegations to the @epistem account. Also invite other authors whose works are related to the EPISTEM objectives to use the #epistem tag and participate in this contest. Please, join us on our community discord group by clicking on this Discord Invite.

Also feel free to upvote our winners and participants; as well as increase the rewards we give our authors weekly.

Thank you @everyone for your support. I recognize that we won't be here without you. I believe that together we can harness all the potentials the EPISTEM project has to offer. Cheers to that.

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