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@tekraze has been a huge help with software development and the maintenance of the infrastructure. I'm glad he joined, because I wouldn't have been able to do as much just by myself.

Hello @jacobgadikian
Thank you for sharing such great content!
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You seem very confused, are you feeling alright? Or are you just an alt account for megamouth?

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No doubt @tekraze did a lot for the blurt in less time he is a nice guy much love for him and everyone are appreciating his efforts :)

Thanks for your words, I will just keep doing what I am doing, whether in the top 20, or top 30, or just at 100.

As if the fake foundation would let that happen, come on, get real cup cake.

Dude, go get a life ...

I have a fucking life, you weirdo, you are all so defensive, you make shit up like the FBI and other bollocks, you get a fucking life, mine is fine.


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It is a gift for Blurt to have Tekraze , not only as a witness but also as a DEV but especially as an amazing blurt community member 💛
May he stays with us forever

I appreciate @tekraze's updates and developments highly ! And other devs are also very hard working and doing great for the community.

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@tekraze and other developers who are working day and night are great. It's not that easy to keep the blockchain running. I hope people will look here and see who's doing that work all the time :

Nobody else wants to do that, and we don't have the alternative. So, keeping those who are working hard is the priority.

Most definitely. He had my vote from day one. And has not lost it. Or even close to losing it.

I have a question regarding the fees path. I have spent the last 4 hours reading the github but I can not find proof of work regarding where the fees go apart from the say so of "fees are burned".

On hive and steemit there is a null acccount where the token is sent to "burn". I had someone opine to tell me that it is socialgraph where these fees go to but I do not see any proof of that either.

Could you help me by pointing in the right direction? I might have missed it.

I have a question regarding the fees path. I have spent the last 4 hours reading the github but I can not find proof of work regarding where the fees go apart from the say so of "fees are burned".


You can see that from HF 4, it sends the fees to BLURT_NULL_ACCOUNT, which is @null. @null is a special account with no keys, whose balance gets cleared every witness round, so funds that get sent there are burnt so to speak.

If you go ten line after, you can see that before HF 4, the fees were sent to BLURT_TREASURY_ACCOUNT, which is @blurt.dao.

I was looking in all the wrong places lol. Thank you so much!


Thanks for all your hard work @tekraze … much appreciated.

Dev is valuable for blockchain more then Triple WHALE ..

Both are important. As well as users.
I think people like you as witness are vital as well.

Kind regards 🥓👍

Hi nice one hahahah

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Agreed with the statement but i am sad that he has faced alot of hate from some people in the past. I hope people can look into his hardwork and dedication for this platform.

Thank you tekraze bhai for everything you have done for blurt.