End these freeze rumors right now! 🍡 Beendet endlich diese Einfriergerüchte! ENG/GER

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I was just in the witness chat and we discussed the freeze topic. No account will be frozen whatsoever, unless it is technically threatening the Blurt ecosystem! So this rumor can be set aside once and for all!

The only thing getting frozen on Blurt is my popsicle! 🍡

So spread the word and end the drama, dear fellow Blurtarians!

Spread it on Steemit, spread it on Hive, spread it everywhere...

Ich war gerade im Witness-Chat und wir haben das Einfrier-Thema besprochen. Kein Konto wird eingefroren, es sei denn, es bedroht das Blurt-Ökosystem technisch! Dieses Gerücht kann also ein für alle Mal beiseite geschoben werden!

Das Einzige, was auf Blurt eingefroren wird, ist mein Eis am Stiel! 🍡

Also sagt es weiter und beendet das Drama, liebe Blurtarianer!

Verbreitet es auf Steemit, verbreitet es auf Hive, verbreitet es überall...

If you like, please take a moment to vote for my witness. It would be much appreciated :


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Yes, no accounts will be frozen except your popsicle.

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Thanks for the support mate! 🙏🏽🌞🍦

Hey man! 🙂😎 I really like the popsicle 😅 consider to send some down here 💪💪💪

Hehe 👍😜

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This is good news thank you. Reposting.

You're welcome🙏🍀

In blurt we dont eat popcorn , we suck popsicle 😄
And here we are NEVER BORED 💚
We should be careful to not bring too much people over too fast ...cause traffic 😂

cause traffic 😂

In Germany, we call this a "Wortspiel"... ;)


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Thanks guys! Much appreciated!

Lol the popsicle i hope its two flavours and not just one color.

Back to business, thanks for sharing this with alll

Orange and kiwi 🍦... Thanks for your support and I hope it gets quieter! 🙏

That's a nice combo to have, enjoy

But it was threatened you can’t just keep threatening things then taking threats away and that being all ok. I mean that’s gas lighting to a point when someone keeps on threatening things but then not going through with it. It’s not just ok to do that. It’s pushed off all the major investors and curators as it is. Is this a statement that we will never have MD threatening to randomly freeze accounts without some kind of community consensus again? I mean can we have an official statement about account freezing going forwards cause the last official statement was suggesting accounts would be frozen. I think this needs a clear concise official post owning the mistakes , appolgising or at least taking responsibility of a bad and rash decision and outlining exactly what the platform represents going forwards. Threatening to freeze accounts and just last minute changing their mind after the price has already plummeted by about 50 percent isn’t cool if that continues to happen multiple times. Do we have some reassurance this just won’t happen again? Can we have some kind of ownership of mistakes here as an official statement. It’s not ok for someone to continually just threaten things then go oh haha it’s not happening after the price has just been ripped in half with peoples hard earned investments.

That was just an idea, even though agreed,we delayed on that idea thinking we might have better option.

This is just because people here sometimes get crazy when In anger or fear.

But things can be sorted out after discussion.

And those investors who actually care for blurt will come back, don't worry.

There are always passengers in a train on journey, new ones come and old ones leave. Only the ones who love the journey stays

They shouldn’t have to keep coming back. This is the problem you can’t just threaten the major investors or coal lists then laugh about it and say just joking after. That’s gas lighting. How about just consider more what you are posting when it’s an official statement and involve the community far more in advance rather than having to back track when you see how unpopular it is to threaten the major investors or put people on lists etc. This is the third time in a few months major investors have been threatened only for it to be taken back or later people to say we won’t do this. Do you realise how bad this looks and how much people lose trust in this place when it’s constanty back and forwards with threats? It’s not ok to just continually threaten ppl then laugh and say oh they will just come back. It’s super unprofessional.

I tried, but i see your fear. The ones you saying major investors are the ones who caused the issue at start
They were in power, they were earning. But then people started earning, same ways they do, they then started abusing those people using that. And to that i mean VTS, those all who were against are the ones who used VTS to get a big stake.
Not even that, they were the ones who first threaten and abused users to go away.
They were the ones mistreating community.

And if you still cry for their investment, i feel like no one can save community. They will keep building their stakes and keep abusing the power and rule.

It does not necessarily make one investor good,just for their stake of money.

Probably my last comment to you. I don't feel wasting any more time explaining this to you all who think we threatened the investors

If vts is something legal and able to be done on the site then they have every right to do it. If you don’t like it remove the ability to use vts. You have people in your core team like opidia who pretty much 100’percent upvote is that rly any different?

Self votes are not crime, you can also do that.

Opidia is not a core team member

But vts is not a crime? Honesty I f people don’t like vts why don’t they change the coding? Or make some actual rules around it. I personally don’t mind at all certain rules in place to make a site better but they have to be listed upfront so there is a clear understanding of what is breaking them. It seems like vts is ok but people don’t like it when people make over a certain amount doing it? Have I understood that right?

like vts is ok but people don’t like it when people make over a certain amount doing it? Have I understood that right?

Yepp right, sorry I missed this from you.

You are not getting my point.

Vts is not a crime, but if you build up stake with VTS and then someone.trying to do same.
You start to say we do not use VTS. VTS are bad,

I mean one should not say this, but this happened. All users who used Vts themselves startes treating other people like criminals.

In the end its all about money.

Then write a code to stop vts it’s elt that simple don’t single handedly push off the big investors by continually making empty threats then changing your mind. Code is law not you. That’s really the whole point of blockchain no?

Vts are not bad, but how people use that. And that's what happens when.you try to explain things, people miss main issue like you did now.
Go read it again

  ·  6 days ago (edited)

You have my bloody word on it! If that isn't enough for you, well I can't change it... Maybe an official statement will come, in the meantime you'll have to make do with my promise...

EDIT: I am not your enemy and I am not against you!

I want the exact same thing as you here!

I absolutely know your not an enemy I know your a good person and want the best for us all. I know you are doing what you feel you have to do right now and have your own method and Plan of how to achieve things you believe are right. If there is a foundation though they need to pull together and discuss things and listen to the people who disagree before making statements. If people only surround themselves with yes people you will get this exact thing every single time where they all agree then present it to the public and the public goes mad. I’m willing to bet deep down several witnesses knew threatening to freeze accounts was a terrible idea but didn’t feel safe to heavily disgeee or there was no democratic vote before such a post was made. All officIal statements and most certainly threats to do something major like this reallt should be pre voted on and official the same with any retractions right now it’s a complete jumble with Jacob and megadrive posting completely different things. Maybe they have no power and we need to realise that. I’m honestly not sure.

Fact is: I am not a yes sayer! Never was! BUT! I have to be softer and more diplomatic, otherwise I will reach nothing!

People can still have a strong opinion and be diplomatic I feel @practicalthought is someone who is very good at that. He doesn’t shy away from having strong opinions on things he just has a less comabtitive approach on the way he types and tries to see things from multiple perspectives l. One day I’ll be like that haha

...he isn't a witness...

I mean that’s a scary answer lol

Your telling me you can’t even be like practical thought and be a witness? That’s some scary stuff cause he’s the most neutral, balanced person I’ve seen consistently posting on Blockchain social. I seriously give up.

When I am a blogger here on my own, I can rant all day long (not that practical rants - just an example), when I am a witness, I am part of a team... That personal ranting is over... period!

I think you hit the nail on the head here. Especially come next month.

"Maybe they have no power and we need to realise that. I’m honestly not sure."

But as you said it does not make the gaslighting right either. On a social network tied to investment we all have to be introspective of how our voice contributes or takes away from that. Perhaps this is another reason for the push on higher fees. Trust me I am wrapping my head around all of it too and enjoy the discourse here to play it out. Sadly it had to happen with a lot of bloodshed though.

Absolutely and I am the same. I definitely don’t know everything about the technicality of graphene chains and nor do a lot of bloggers so it’s easy for us to believe when the confounder says accounts he chooses will be frozen / out on a coal list that that means he has the capacity to freeze accounts. If that’s not the case then there needs to be some other messaging so we have more understanding of what the co founders can and can’t do going forwards. I just feel there is no clear messaging at all that comes from a unified front lately and very little involving the community in decision making till it is too late. Even the co founders are making posts that are totally different from one another and people wonder why rumours fly round no one has any idea what to believe tbh I know I don’t.

Yeah I very much understand that.

Good news👍

I am giving everything here... Thanks for your feedback! I hope things will get back to a better energy! Very tired of this stuff...😌

Thank you part of what disgusts me here is how long a rumor can be carried even after it has been shown not to be true by so many posts.

The same way that people in leadership positions should not be so sensitive to what the community is saying goes both ways. MD does not necessarily have the power to do all things that he talks about. He might also know this and use it to call bluff and use his free speech as the only tool that he has to try to fix the problems in the way he sees it. But that does not mean it is is fact.

He can not unilaterally put anyone on the coal list and he did not add anyone.

Blurt is currently not coded (as far as I know and have been told) to allow an individual to freeze accounts or have a back door into their wallet.

Drones were never purchased in blurts name to go to war and that fopa was quickly reversed an apologized by the person.

I am not sticking up for this person at all I think he is impulsive and the whole platform is paying for it now. I do though think that he was using his skills that he has and what tools he does have (only speech) to do what he believes is the right thing for the platform. That does not make it correct though or not the cause of a lot of damage.

Basically I implore everyone not to give anyone here the power that they do not have by being so sensitive to what they say and taking action based upon that. Emotional intelligent is also not allowing people to make you make an emotionally based decision yourself. Especially when what they say is probably hot air.

I hope people stop blindly pushing false statements people have made on here, especially when they don't have the power to do it. I think the position from which jakob speaks is a position of knowing how blurt is coded and knowing what will happen based upon that. Him and any action from him is actually not needed, especially if everyone just cools down.

  ·  6 days ago (edited)

It wasn’t false though md made a post with a recommendation to freeze certain accounts and listed them. These people then began to power down millions of blurt so they wouldn’t lose all their investments and god knows if they will ever power it back up again. This wasn’t a random rumour there are actual posts by one of the founders talking about it.


If there is no power to do anything this also needs to be clearly stated so they realise not to listen to md at all and juSt ignore what he says when he threatens coal lists and account freezes. Cause right now what big investor would feel safe putting their money here ? I don’t think this guy is a good spokes person at all because even if he can’t do those things seeing a co founder and representative of the foundation threaten these things, is enough for most of us to feel that it is an action that could happen.

I mean if you had 100,000£ in blurt and the confounder and head of the foundation tells you you will lose all your money and have your account frozen if you don’t power down immediately what would you do?

I am well aware of that, but the reality is he does not have the power to do that and people should not have taken action based on his bluff, thus hurting themselves and their investment. I never said that he did not say that or that it is right at all. I am just saying that he does not have the power to do everything he says so we should not be reactive to it either.

I mean I would take someone’s word tbh if I had £100 k in blurt and a co founder and spokes person told me that if I didn’t move it immediately or it would be frozen and lost I would have two options to remove the money from the wallet or to start legal proceedings. I’m
Not sure I would have the balls to just keep it there maybe if I was more sure of what the platform did and didn’t allow technically.

You can’t just brush off the fact that the biggest investors and curators have now been pushed off the site by the biggest spokes person on this site who is supposed to represent the platform to some degree. This is a toxic pattern that hasn’t just happened once now it’s actually the third time his threats have made large investors power down and the price sink. I think if md just hadn’t posted at all over the last 4 months blurt would be ready to jump to 6 c after this bear market.

Yes I can agree with you in many was there has been a lot of misconduct and impulsiveness on both sides it is a mess.

I think there has been some good progress today though.

MD has asked for a parley

It will be hard to forgive some of his threats and conduct but I think if people are interested in blurt and their money we have to be interested in finding a good way forward also.

Here is another post by Jake today opening the door to any questions. Not that his answers may not be what some people want to hear because really he does not hold the power or ownership over blurt either. But he is clarifying that property rights are protected here and by code and no one can do anything to anyones property including returning DOA funds.

What is most interesting about this post is a convo between Jake and MD in the comments:

Which I think you were a part of.


Basically blurt is kinda in a stuck position with the way people are thinking about it not how it is in reality. People want someone to make an official proclamation and action towards the decentralization of blurt. But blurt is already on that course without someone who can really say they can do anything to change it so much without a fork. And I think Jake is being coy in his responses because he knows that he does not own blurt and his voice in reality is just another voice. But he has the greatest understanding of how blurt was coded and what it can and can not do. That knowledge is all that he is passing out.

And what I meant by continue to spread rumors is that it has been 2 days now that it has been clarified that this can not happen but people are still carrying it around like a badge. No one is getting frozen and that needs to be clear.

  ·  6 days ago (edited)

It’s hasnt really been clarified it’s a mess nonone rly knows what’s happening. MD suggested he will be freezing and listed accounts and told them to start immediate power down which they have, then a new guy pops up most people here have never heard of ( Jacob) and says accounts won’t be frozen. We have no idea if Jacob has more power or MD or if they are in agreement or now arguing behind closed doors. I am not sure MD has said anything since. I mean it’s impossibe to keep track of. Now your saying freezing cannot happen etc: There needs to be one clear concise post taking ownership of the past mistakes and clearly outlining what blurt can and can’t do going forwards etc. You can’t just keep threatening things then two days later saying haha it’s not happening now don’t worry folks after the price has been slashed by half and another batch of huge investors and curators have been driven off.

But I do agree with other calls if an interview with him will provide the calming effect needed then it is not a bad thing. I would be happy to do and ask for an interview with him again. And I did this around the voting wars but I think he was tied up in some things at cosmos during that time. I also think that someone other than me might be a good choice because of the potential bias people might see in me caring a delegation from him.

Das ist doch schön zu hören. Hoffentlich kommt das hier bald wieder alles auf die Reihe. Überall der gleiche Mist, egal ob hier, Hive oder Steem. Wäre schon glücklich wenn das endlich mal aufhören würde und man sich einfach an der Community erfreuen könnte.

Amen mein Lieber! 🙏 Gibt es Deutsche hier, die auf einen deutschen Chatraum bei Blurt Discord wert legen würden? @saboin hat nämlich #DE für uns eingerichtet...? GLG


I hope that the turmoil dissipates now.

Nobody getting frozen mate! Have yourself a good one! 🙏❤️🌞

Yes it is not happening. No accounts will be frozen.

Thanks for your support mate! 🌞🍀❤️

Aw, look at that naughty smile 😍

So does this mean ive been rehearsing 'Let it go' from Frozen for no reason?!?! Ive been getting really good at it. . .damn it, the world will never know.

Yes, that rehearsal was in vain luv! 😂🙏❤️

Good to hear,a nd love that photo of you - that smile is very sweet.

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Thanks a lot luv! 🙏🌞 Greetings going to my old home country! I grew up in Brisbane... 😉🐨🇭🇲

Oh hey that's cool as a popsicle... Sending some eucalyptus scented Aussie vibes your way!

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Soaking those up!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

Looking good bro. That is good to hear. I hope things can turn around now, as this has been a total shock to the system, as well as incredibly divisive.

Do the witnesses have 100% control over every aspect of the process? If not, what do their wishes really amount to?

Also, just a reminder that "technically threatening the Blurt ecosystem" can mean anything.

Missing your posts mate! Missing your presence... 😒 Hope to read from you soon! 🙏🍀

Also, just a reminder that "technically threatening the Blurt ecosystem" can mean anything.

I am exaggerating a bit now, but I'll put it this way: If you don't have 300 million Blurt in your account and you want to maliciously take over the blockchain, you are not getting frozen!

But what if you do have 300 million? So blurt can just freeze someone for buying too many tokens lol? Wtf

Bloody hell! Find somebody with 300 million blurts... then we can continue the conversation ;)

I think he is open to someone getting 300 million blurt and taking over the chain. He has no problem with that. And neither should we, if someone buys that amount of blurt it is good for all of us. We sell and if we want to keep this thing going we fork and change protocol to make that more difficult in the future.

The goal of many businesses it to be bought out. That is basically the business model of a blockchain like this. If you have enough money you can take power (it's in the fucking name for Christ sake, blurt "power") and everyone's investment goes way up. Imagine holding the amount of blurt the founders are holding, and 10s of millions of blurt get bought up by a single person or investment group. And that is looked at as a threat with @ctime, MK, and @double-u? Excuse me, you just got filthy rich....but we wouldn't want that. Or have things changed now? But too little too late.

The shock is over my BFAM! You have my word on it! 🙏🌞❤️

Thanks brother. Sorry for the late reply. I've been taking a break from this place compared to previous weeks. I'm just so disappointed in how these top investors have been treated, and what it's doing to my investment and the platform, I could puke. So instead I limit my time here now.

On a more positive note, you are a shining star here and a glimmer of hope. Thank you for doing what you can. It's making a difference, that is for sure.

Just wanting this to work out for all of us.. 🍀🙏 On my way down to Croatia with the Jeep 🚙.. I need a few days off of Blurt too after that drama! 😂😂😂