Last day on the island of Rab 🏝️🌊🐙🇭🇷 Letzter Tag auf der Insel Rab ENG/GER

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Yesterday was our last day on the island of Rab and our stay in this beautiful hotel. We visited Plaža Jelenovica, which is a small beach not far from the city of Rab.

I had an interesting ethical discussion with my woman.. Out in the bay in about 5-6 meters depth, there was a traditional fish trap made of wire, with fish already in it. She wanted me to free the fish - it would have been easypeasy for me, but I told her that this would come back to me, even if it was for the good of those fish in that moment...

Today, we are heading back to the mainland via ferry. We hope to reach Lovran in the afternoon.

Gestern war unser letzter Tag auf der Insel Rab und unser Aufenthalt in diesem wunderschönen Hotel. Wir besuchten Plaža Jelenovica, einen kleinen Strand unweit der Stadt Rab.

Ich hatte eine interessante ethische Diskussion mit meiner Frau. Draußen in der Bucht in etwa 5-6 Metern Tiefe gab es eine traditionelle Fischreuse aus Draht, in der sich bereits Fische befanden. Sie wollte, dass ich die Fische befreie - es wäre ein Kinderspiel für mich gewesen, aber ich sagte ihr, dass dies auf mich zurückkommen würde, auch wenn es in diesem Moment zum Wohle dieser Fische war ...

Heute fahren wir mit der Fähre zurück zum Festland. Wir hoffen, Lovran am Nachmittag zu erreichen.

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What a wonderful trip. I enjoyed all the pictures! Really did. Part of why I like these platforms is to see col places and meet interesting people. Sad your trip is ending. Thanks for sharing with us all. Tell Mrs. Outofthematrix I say Hi and glad she had a great time.

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EVERY action we take has positive AND negative outcomes.
Freeing the fish would have positive and negative consequences, for the fish, for the owner of the trap, for you, and for everyone else as well.
What if the trapped animal was a squirrel?
How about a dog?
What about a child?
Each action would have both positive and negative outcomes.
You made a choice.
Was it a good choice? That is not up to me to decide :)

Nice pics!

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Haha all those fish crying out for help and you did nothing 😂

Haha 😂😂😂😂, yes mate.. I felt really sorry too for those fish, especially as a vegetarian and freediver, but as @cryptopie already noted, new ones would swim in again and I would be messing with somebody else's fate.. Not good for my karma... BTW... The food in Croatia is a nightmare for vegetarians! If you're a vegetarian, don't come to Croatia!!! 😱😱😱😱

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Some fish will come back to the trap even if you free those ones that are already in there because of the bait inside the trap 😁

I am happy that you are making sweet memories with your special someone. Enjoy your vacation! it looks so beautiful in that place of Croatia. 👍

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Thanks so much mate 🙏🏽♥️🌞🏝️🌊🐙🇭🇷 Yes, I told her that too! 👌🏽😉