On the way to Croatia 🇭🇷🌊🐚 Auf dem Weg nach Kroatien ENG/GER

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The past few days have been very stressful for everyone here on Blurt and I hope you all find a bit of peace and quiet for the time being!

We are on our way to Croatia and have just passed the Austrian border coming from Germany.

Tonight we will be in Croatia! 🌊🐚🌞

Die letzten Tage waren für alle hier auf Blurt sehr stressig und ich hoffe, ihr findet vorerst alle ein bisschen Ruhe und Frieden!

Wir sind auf dem Weg nach Kroatien und haben gerade von Deutschland kommend die österreichische Grenze passiert.

Heute Nacht sind wir in Kroatien! 🌊🐚🌞

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  ·  3 months ago  ·  

It is funny to know that most croatians are in Germany for work .
Croatia is just stunning , i dont know where you plan to go and for how long but that would take years of travels to see a lot of it , also realestate prices skyrocketed after the war , bringing rich investors and pushing away the already poor people .
Now they do like they do everywhere to kidnap a place , implement huge and complex taxes .
Have fun ! Be generous in tips ;)

I always give big tips.. What goes around, comes around... 😉🙏🏽

  ·  3 months ago  ·  

ist Kroatien dein Zielland?

Yapp! 🇭🇷♥️🌞🌊🐚

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  ·  3 months ago  ·  

Have fun man, show us what good food they have there :)

I will post 🙏👍

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  ·  3 months ago  ·  

have fun

Thanks a lot mate 🙏🍀

Awesome bro! Have a fun and safe trip.

Thanks a lot mate 🌞🌊🐚🇭🇷👌🏽♥️

  ·  3 months ago  ·  

Hope you have safe travels and a good time.

Thanks you🌊🐚🇭🇷👍🏽

  ·  3 months ago  ·  

Ich wünsche dir eine schöne und erholsame Zeit.

Vielen lieben Dank! ♥️🐚🇭🇷🌞🌊

  ·  3 months ago  ·  

Schönen Urlaub!
Viel Spaß!

Lieben Dank!!! 🌊♥️🐚🌞🇭🇷

Oh nice, have fun!!!!
When I lived in Hungary it was so easy and quick to drive down to Croatia.
Few things I do miss about living in Europe. Everything is around the corner. . .

  ·  3 months ago  ·  

Make sure you keep it below 180 😅😅 yes it is about time we have some peace and quiet here on blurt! You should have a great time in Croatia.

Thanks a lot mate🌊🌞🐚👌🏽☺️🇭🇷♥️

Wow can you easily drive from Germany to Croatia? Even tho I’m in Europe o often forget the driving side cause of course we can’t easily from the Uk but we can ferry over. I might drive to Italy this summer just for fun.

  ·  3 months ago  ·  

Amsterdam to south Greece ,.. 3650 km ,.. in 72 hours , alone . It was early 2020 , Racing against closing borders because of covid . When i crossed the Greek border , there was no turning back for many months .
Nice clip from that journey : https://peakd.com/hive-100421/@small1axe/gjvkqdtl

It was a epic ride , would do it all again just for the views and trills . ;-)

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  ·  3 months ago  ·   (edited)

Less than yours that’s a 13.5 hour drive but then extra time as the ferry takes a while, I just looked it up. It would have been much nicer done over 2 days tbh. I remember paying as much in tolls as a flight would have cost in the end.

  ·  3 months ago  ·  

Ferry's to Greece depart from Italy ,.. and Italy was already closing up , and i didn't want to get stuck in Italy during lockdown lunacy . From this 72 hours i have slept about 10 in my car . I took the coastal road true Croatia up to Albania . Witch already had closed borders with Greece by the time i got there , so heading east true Montenegro was my only option left . Back to the toll roads , as i had planed a route true Albania to skip most of them .
I only started paying toll after entering Greece , could have avoided them but the total of about 60 euro's to get me fast from north to south Greece where more then worth it . And i prefer riding the roads over flying true the sky's for multiple reasons . In pure financial point of view , i flew back from Greece to Amsterdam for only 120 euro . But that didn't feel as epic a driving . ;-)

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Yeah the woman that does my facials family is from Italy I heard all the horror stories from
There on a regular basis. I don’t blame you how was it in Greece?

  ·  3 months ago  ·  

If i need a cure i will return to Mani Greece again .
Lived over half a year in a tent on a mountain olive tree yard overlooking the Ionian sea . Living from what nature provided for the most part , without any income or pay . I detoxed from all poison and society , never felt better or more free .


Low clouds over the sea in the morning , as i had camp at 440 mtr's high't .
You might have heard of Stoupa as a Greece holiday town very popular with the English people . A fun and busy place , but i do have to recommend Agios Nikolaos , a smaller town just a bit south of Stoupa , and then especially this multicultural open minded bar https://www.google.com/maps/place/Niriides+multicultural+caf%C3%A9+bar/@36.823413,22.2830576,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m8!1e2!3m6!1sAF1QipOtOMgGeO-rF3GJS0Zs1jZcy6eYHL3RtyJelBfY!2e10!3e12!6shttps:%2F%2Flh5.googleusercontent.com%2Fp%2FAF1QipOtOMgGeO-rF3GJS0Zs1jZcy6eYHL3RtyJelBfY%3Dw203-h270-k-no!7i3456!8i4608!4m5!3m4!1s0x1361ea87cab5fdbb:0xe136bbae15e95551!8m2!3d36.8235369!4d22.283163
Or get the change to move more down south , see some very nice old towns and curiosity's and even visit the great Philosopher Elias who lives right behind this little old church in Chotasia , If you do , say high from Daniel , as i lived a 45 minute walk up the mountain from his place . And had some long drunk deep conversations with him about all human social problems ,. it was enlightening to say at least .

Very happy living in Norway now , but would love to go back to Mani for a long visit some day . ( and maybe buy back my awesome 1994 honda civic that served me so well on that journey )

20200319_144147 (1).jpg

So yeah Greece was great , or at least the part that i got stuck in , shop's stayed open , no forced muzzle wearing and even the bar was open from early morning to ,.. well , basically early morning , for they had a bar outside on the street with enough room to enjoy a frappachino or a beer . I was daily crossing region borders , witch was not allowed and would be fined with 300 euro's , but never got fined or harassed by police or other control systems . The majority of the locals in Mani laughed about the whole covid joke declaring it nonsense .
Funny how Stoupa was more strict on covid rules , because 75% of it's inhabitant's where English expat's . ;-)

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I might go to Greece this summer or next so Will hope I can remember your recommendations!

It’s funny how different regions took covid so differently. London actually wasn’t a bad place as Although we had tons of rules there is a lot of anonymity in a big city, plus just too many people for enforcement agencies, you don’t tend to get bored snoopy neighbours watching peoples every move, people on the most part are just focused on themselves so it was strangely freer than people might imagine. You did get the odd person fined for sitting and having a coffee on a park bench but they must have worked hard to get those stories. I did have a funny story about an alien ce5 contact might ane the police tho lol I only wish I had acruallt been there and witnessed the police turning up at a circle of people connecting to aliens in a corn field 🤣

Wow that looks stunning, low cloud is one of the most magical feelings I still remember a feeling of waking up in Cape Town and the cloud being outside the window and everything was white. That’s maybe the most magical place I feel I’ve ever been.

  ·  3 months ago  ·  

LOL , made a little mistake with this picture , seeing that yellow glow there tells me this must be a evening picture ,.. all do i did see this some mornings to . Had the scares one night to , left my tent , hanged my light on the tent-pole and turned around to go and take a piss ,.. there was a big ass dark giant standing right in front of me towering high above me ,.. shocked and confused i waved my hand at the giant to show my friendly nature ,.. the Giant did exactly the same at the same time , making me realize it was just my own shadow on low hanging clouds . ;-)

Posted from https://blurt.live

Yeah well it’s different trips flying would have been better for me as was going to on resort for a week then home lol but a Euro road trip is a different type of epic :)

So I could drive to italy then ferry to Greece?

  ·  3 months ago  ·  

Yes there goes a Ferry from Venice that takes about 16 to 18 hours , but no animal or pet commodities on this trip that goes true the night . The goal is Kalamata Greece just north of Mani . There also goes a ferry from down south in the heal of Italy doing the trip in just a view hours . Kalamata has a airport so flying in and getting a rental car is the most easy option .

Posted from https://blurt.live

Wow you followed that white van for a while haha must have been doing the same route 😁 how do you find three speak to you get tokens there? I met the owners of that actually at a London meetup we did.

  ·  3 months ago  ·  

I don't use ThreeSpeak anymore ,.. liked it when it came out , then something changed and it stopped working for me some how . So can't give any opinion on it's resent state , just that i liked there intentions and goals way back .

Posted from https://blurt.live

I’ve driven from London to Italy border before to go skiing when flights got cancelled cause of the ash. I did have a wingman but he didn’t drive so I did the whole lot myself in a day and when I got there my hands were shaking lol I have never felt like that before lol maybe I should have got outnover covid tooZ I did chase an in country border lol by leaving London when we entered stage 4 and going to a stage two or whatever town Glastonbury and partying on the tor lol

  ·  3 months ago  ·  

when I got there my hands were shaking lol

I would be in the same state when i had to drive a car , sitting on the passenger seat because they installed the direction controls just there , over a road system completely mirrored to that what i was brought up in . ;-)

Posted from https://blurt.live

I was all manual lol it was a vw polo I think and we like manuals here in the Uk although sadly they are becoming a dying breed a little, I never want an automatic car, not sure about self driving lol

  ·  3 months ago  ·  

As a mechanic i think all cars past 1996 are crap , and coming from Holland i see manual as the normal way to shift gears in a car ,. just that we from across the pond do the shifting gears with our right hand . ;-)

Posted from https://blurt.live

Oh wait you have a self driving car?

  ·  3 months ago  ·  

Exactly my reaction when i hop in the a English car and seeing no steering wheel in front of me . ;-)

LOL , no , i have a 1976 volvo city bus that won't drive for i have parked it on a spot to be my house .
Only when after all governments are gone and collapsed i will start her up for a road trip around the planet . For i have no licence to show that i have the skills to drive it to all those government tug's on the road today .

And self driving cars don't drive themselves , someone has to order it do so , and how can i be sure that that will only be me . I don't trust self driving tech for a second , it might bring me save to my destination but get's to collect all private information on me while doing that . So no , i don't have that . ;-)

Posted from https://blurt.live

Yes, go for it!

  ·  3 months ago  ·   (edited)

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