My Pencil Portrait of Ben Stiller

in blurtafrica •  last month 


I am almost tempted to make a step by step progression of the sketch but I guess i'll save that for later. It's been a cool week so far and I thought of sharing this portrait of Ben stiller I did some while ago.

Last year while surfing for portraits of Robert Downey Jr., I stumbled on one from his role as Kirk Lazarus in the 2008 'Tropic Thunder' movie. The image made me recall my love for the movie and I just couldn't resist making a sketch of Ben Stiller seeing how he owned the movie and the photo I got of him I got was really cool.

Another thing I can't do without mentioning is the dance Tom Cruise did at the end, that dance always hit a spot in me.....I saved you the trouble and got a link. Here it is below....


In equal proportion, these are the drawing procedures....






It's been a pleasure hosting you so far, have yourselves a lovely week

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