Open Secrets - Political Ponerology - Audio

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This is new.

This is the first episode! And they chose Political Ponerology.

There used to be a full serialised audiobook on YT - can no longer find it. Or rather, it no longer appears, even searching the none-too-popular term "ponerology". However, it does still exist: Chapter One is here. It is a synth-voice, so up to you if you feel audio is better than print.

Download everything, as it may not be there tomorrow.

I do have files, in a folder in a HDD, somewhere. If I find them, I'll upload them. I was just searching for what still exists. Knowledge is being deleted.

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(in other words, the source and creator of all things is also those things and all things created are pieces of the source)

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That's Pantheism.
so what?
1 = one

logical necessity

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do you know what IFF means?

"if and only if"

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That isn't a meaning, that's just long-hand.

Your syntax is wrong, hence meaningless.
If we fix the syntax, it becomes a tautology - always true yet meaningless.

p IFF q is equivalent to IF p->q AND IF q->p, THEN p <->q

so, adjusting for syntax, you've written

IF (a=b) AND IF (b=a) THEN (b=a)


Amusingly, also TRUE when both propositions are FALSE.


Your syntax is wrong, hence meaningless.



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So you have quantised qualia as having-meaning, and quanta as not-having-meaning, in an attempt to discredit quanta. The paradox is amusing.

In logic and related fields such as mathematics and philosophy, if and only if (shortened as iff[1]) is a biconditional logical connective between statements, where either both statements are true or both are false.

The connective is biconditional (a statement of material equivalence),[2] and can be likened to the standard material conditional ("only if", equal to "if ... then") combined with its reverse ("if"); hence the name. The result is that the truth of either one of the connected statements requires the truth of the other (i.e. either both statements are true, or both are false), though it is controversial whether the connective thus defined is properly rendered by the English "if and only if"—with its pre-existing meaning. For example, P if and only if Q means that the only case in which P is true is if Q is also true, whereas in the case of P if Q, there could be other scenarios where P is true and Q is false.

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well copy-pasted, now apply it to your initial statement.

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the question of "what is evil" is ultimately a red-herring

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If I find them, I'll upload them.

throw them on

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btw I fell asleep listening to the above talk! But feel free to comment on the content. I'll try again in a more wakeful state!

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@newparadigmtt and I were talking about smart contracts, because he's built like five or six H-E tokens so far.

I mentioned the price discrepancy of BLURT right now as a possible arbitrage opertunity and then went off on a tirade about my favorite 2nd layer Token, BYT! The rest is history as they say 🤬🥓🍔🍟

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which tokens are his?