I'm A Certified Coffee Lover

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How often do you drink coffee? Or how do you prefer your coffee to be made? Do you prefer black coffee or 3in1 coffee?

I drink coffee almost every day and during those days, there were times that I can consume 2 to 3 cups of it. It's either instant coffee or the black one.

I can have it either before breakfast or after breakfast. Sometimes I also paired it with bread during snack time and you know what's weird habit that I have, it's drinking coffee before sleeping. They said that we should never drink coffee before we sleep because it can make us fully awake but mine is different. I may take not before bed time, I can still sleep peacefully throughout the night. It's seems that my body is used to have coffee during that time.

Here are the coffees that I had captured before:





Happy Saturday to all!

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One big cup of black brewed coffee upon waking up lang ako sis. Otherwise ndi ako makatulog. hehe

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Wow, one big cup talaga sis. Pampagising ng self no?

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Mostly 3 in 1 ako sis

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Masarap din ang 3in1 sis kaso minsan nagpapalpitate ako pag yan ininom ko kaya black coffee ako ngayon.

  ·  2 months ago  ·  

Ako naman is Minsan nakikitijik.si Adrielle Kya 3 in 1 tlga pero konti lng half mug lng ako

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Woww..!!!..I love coffee too❤️

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Yay, glad to know that! Cheers!