1st Blurt - Meme - Contest 🏆 1st prize: 200 BLURT

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Good morning all you beautiful Blurtarians! 🤬

Inspired by my bud @siphon from the German Community over on Hive, I want to introduce the 1st Blurt - Meme - Contest !

@siphon has been doing this contest over on Hive for quite a while now in German for the German community and it has always been a pleasure to participate. He has even expanded his contest for the germans here on Blurt too, so thanks for that!

Now I will do it in English for all the Blurtarians here!

Ok, so off we go!


  • Use solemnly the image provided
  • Only one entry per person
  • Deadline is 7 days as of publishing this post
  • You must post your entry with a link to this post
  • You must comment your entry post link HERE (that is important for the time stamps)


  • First prize: 200 BLURT
  • Second prize: 100 BLURT
  • Third prize: 50 BLURT
  • First 5 entries (time stamp in the comments): 10 BLURT

(Prizes sponsored by me)

It is the first time, so the criteria will bei quite simple: The funnier the caption, the better! 😜

Making a meme is very simple:
Go to https://imgflip.com/memegenerator upload the image, caption it and click on 'Generate Meme'.

Here is the image:

Source: https://free-images.com/display/horse_animal_funny_ride_3.html

Happy captioning everybody!

If you like, please take a moment to vote for my witness. It would be much appreciated :


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Here's mine and I did a post to advertise your contest. https://blurt.blog/meme/@squirrelbait/my-blurt-meme-contest-entry

Horse meme entry.jpg

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Thanks guys! It is much appreciated!

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The memegenerator doesn't work for me ,.. did it manual ,.. in MS-paint .
To show my support for Bill ,.. ;-)

To show my support for Bill ,.. ;-)


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Now let's take the text and find a picture to put it on ,..


New series! 😂👍

The fall in the price of crypto is getting bad, please stay strong and be positive....


Congratz on 5th entry for the 1st Blurt - Meme - Contest!


My submission for the contest


Congratz on 4th entry for the 1st Blurt - Meme - Contest!



Congratz on third entry luv! 🏆🙏🍀


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My venture!

Congratz on second entry! 🏆


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Thank you! :)

Should I make a post with it?

You have posted the meme here... That is fine. 👍


First entry! Congratz on 10 BLURT for starters! 🏆


Ooooh, now that looks like a fun game!!!!

Go for it luv! 🍀